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2-step Weld Removal & Weld Blending

2-step weld removal and blending

Weld Removal & Blending - 2-step Process

See how to remove, clean and condition a weld joint in just 2 very easy processes.

Most metal fabricators go through several grits of discs and various products to remove welds. Norton Abrasives makes this job very easy by using Norton Viking Fibre-backed Sanding Discs and finishing with the Norton Vortex Rapid Blend.Cut down your production time and produce a better finish on your welded steel.

Products used in this video:

Products used for the 2-step weld removal & weld blending demo

Norton F996 Quantum Fibre Discs

Ideal for cool grinding on stainless steel and heat-resistant steels Exceptionally high material removal and long life Especially suitable for heavy duty applications Generates an excellent surface finish. Clean a weld with either P60 or P80.

Norton F996 Viking Ceramic Fibre Discs
Norton Vortex Rapid Blend

Remove, blend and condition light welds, scratches, surface defects, grinding marks on metal materials Remove small weld joints while simultaneously blending and conditioning. Remove and condition thermal damage (bluing). Debur and remove sharp metal edges.

Norton Vortex Rapid Blend

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