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BND Belt Builder
Fein Cordless Power Tools

BND Abrasives is proud to be one of FEIN’s new partners, the worlds oldest electric power tool manufacturer. Since inventing the world’s first electric drill over 120 years ago, FEINpower tools has been a byword for quality workforce, delivering the high levels of performance required for even the toughest applications. Our range of FEIN power tools for the trade includes everything from multi-tools, Starlock multi-tool cutters & accessories, drills, screw guns, dust extractors, impact drills, batteries, chargers and more. For the industrial worker FEIN can offer mag drills, sheet metal working, compact, angle or die grinders, belt grinding and fastening machines.

FEIN Cordless Power Tools
FEIN PowerDrive Motor
Requires no maintenance and experiences little wear

Giving the machine a long life. No need to change carbon brushes.

Very smooth running and low-vibration working


Due to independently mounted motor decoupled from the housing and four additional vibration dampers.

Innovative cooling ribs


for optimum heat dissipation, including monitoring of temperature in the motor’s core to protect against overload.

Speed stability

For significantly higher speed consistency at load compared to universal motors.

FEIN HighPower Battery Packs

HighPower Li-ion battery with cells capable of handling high currents, charge status indicator and FEIN SafetyCell technology. Continually high power output with 75% higher current rating than a Li-ion battery. Recommended for FEIN cordless magnetic core drills and cordless angle grinders. Can be used with all FEIN 18 V cordless tools.