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SIA 4570 X Ceramic Fibre Backed 100mm x 16mm - Pack of 50

SIA 4570 X Ceramic Fibre Backed 100mm x 16mm - Pack of 50 - P36


Product Profile

  • Longer lifetime
  • Cool grinding
  • Consistent Cutting performance
  • Fine Surface Finish
  • Grit type: Ceramic Aluminium Oxide
  • Backing: Vulcanised fibre
  • Special Coating: X-Technology (cooling additive)
  • Main grinding applications: Weld preparation, weld removal
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    • Longer Lifetime - X-Technology leaves more space between the grain which maximizes the total working life of the grain and therefore the disc.
    • Consistent Cutting Performance - X-Technology allows the grain structure to fracture more easily, maintaining a sharp cut throughout the disc lifetime.
    • Cool grinding
    • - X-Technology applies the cooling aid directly on the grain surface which makes it more active during the grinding process and helps to displace heat build up quicker.
    • Fine Surface Finish - Specially selected grains with fine crystalline structures deliver fine finishes without compromising on cutting aggression.

Up to 20% time reduction on 2K finish on stainless steel!

For better results, please use the SIA Turbo Pad II for aggressive grinding, longer life time (on coarse grit fibre discs).

More Information
Product Name SIA 4570 X Ceramic Fibre Backed 100mm x 16mm - Pack of 50 - P36
Type of Product Fibre Disc
Manufacturer SIA
Manufacturer's SKU 5639.8301
Mineral Type Ceramic (Bright Red)
Equipment Tool N/A
Diameter 100mm (4in)
Materials Used On Ferrous Metal (Stainless, Mild Steel, Cobalt, Chrome, Tool Steel)
Grit P36
Commodity Code N/A
Manufacturer's Stock Number N/A
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