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What is sianet?

What are sianet abrasives?

sianet is a material from Sia Abrasives (Switzerland) with a net-backed abrasive backing, for use on applications that require better dust extraction. It is available for use on random orbital sanding machines, sanding blocks and rolls for hand sanding or other purposes.

Types of sianet - NEW 7500 ceramic & 7900 aluminium oxide

BND Abrasives is proud to be one of the first distributors to promote the sianet 7500 CER material - a ceramic abrasive grain embedded on a net-backed abrasive for the best cutting performance with a full-face dust-free disc.

The NEW sianet 7500 CER net backed abrasive
NEW sianet 7500 CER - the powerful net-backed Abrasive

The powerful net backed abrasive, now improved with ceramic grit!

The special net structure of 7500 sianet CER enables dust-free sanding with the highest abrasive performance – The ceramic abrasive grain provides the highest removal rate and longest lifetime.

The sianet 7500 is an excellent alternative to Mirka Abranet & Abranet Ace. It is also a great upgrade from Sia 1960 Blueline Discs, Sia 1948 Al/Oxide Discs or if you simply want better dust extraction! Can be used for wood, composite, primers, lacquers, or even on metals!

sianet Discs, sianet Sheets & sianet Rolls
Applications for sianet
Sia 7500 and 7900 ceramic net backed abrasive close up


  • Acrylic lacquer; Old lacquer; Primer filler; Plaster; Priming foil; Plasterboard; Hardwood; Resinous wood; HDF board; Melamine sheet; Solid surface material; NC lacquer; PU lacquer; Polyester lacquer; UV lacquer; Water-based varnish; Softwood; MDF board


  • Sanding off coatings and impurities

  • Keying primers

  • Fine sanding solid wood, veneers, solid surface materials,

    priming foil, plaster and plasterboard

  • Intermediate sanding of lacquers

sianet 7500 CER vs competition discs


The SIA Abrasives sianet 7500 CER net backed abrasive discs will get your job done and will halve the time of sanding compared to conventional sanding discs due to better extraction and much more aggressive ceramic abrasive. The net backed material will create a virtually dust-free sanding, enabling the abrasive grain to work more efficiently, thus, saving you time and money in your production costs.

sianet 7500 CER performance comparison chart
sianet Properties


  • High cutting performance
  • Excellent lifetime compared to conventional abrasives, outlasts previous generation sianet 7900
  • Very good for finishing but also consinder sianet 7900 for finer finishes
  • Very flexible net-backed abrasive with high tear resistance