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Industrial-Grade Floor Sanding Belts and Discs

BND Abrasives has the largest selection of abrasives for floor sanding and refinishing, which allows flooring companies to have a variety of products appropriate for the floor they are working. We take pride in the products that we offer and our objective is to help you save time by cutting down your conventional grit progression; we have products to assist you eliminate swirl marks, and reduce the amount of abrasives you use by using longer-lasting products, which will reduce the amount of abrasives you purchase annually and ultiamtely save you money.

We are the company that pioneered the flagship abrasives now available for the floor refinishing industry such as the Norton Red Heat (USA) and 3M Cubitron II Floor Sanding (UK). We also keep the full range of abrasives from Awuko (Germany) to fit virtually every floor sanding machine in the market.

8" Flooring Belts

Hummel Belts

10" Flooring Belts

10 inch Bona Belts

Orbital Sander

DA Sander Discs


Bona Flexisand Powerdrive Discs

Edge Sander Discs

Edge Sander Discs

Trio Sander

Trio Sander Discs

16" Buffer


90mm Rotex Sander

90mm Rotex RO90 Sander
Abrasive Technologies from BND Abrasives

3M Cubitron II Authorised Distributor

BND Abrasives is an Authorised Distributor for 3M Cubitron II Belts and 3M Cubitron II Discs including 784F Belts, Red 947A Disc and 775L Purple Discs. Cubitron II is 3M's flagship material, made of precision engineered abrasive grain, not mined, which allows it to have a self-sharpening ability and the longest-lasting abrasive grain technology in any industry!

Norton Red Heat

We are proud to be the only Authorised Distributor for the Norton Red Heat in the UK! Red Heat (Red-X Belts, H955 Discs and Q955 Screens) are 100% ceramic grain, which are the toughest abrasive grit available for industry. Used in the right applications, the Red Heat will cut fast and leave lesser swirl marks on your floor! Learn more about Norton Red Heat.

Awuko Zirconia and Silicon Carbide

The Awuko ZT62X Zirconia (Blue) -  availalbe for Flooring Belts and Floor Sanding Discs and the SU22SY (Silicon Carbide) are Awuko's premium abrasive grain than their cheaper siblings. They have higher grit content compared to the competition, making it cut better and last a little longer. BND Abrasives is the exclusive distributor for all Awuko Abrasives in the UK.

Buy Floor Sanding Belts & Discs

We have excellent industrial-grade alternatives againstVSM Abrasives, Ersta Starcke, Bona Belts and Bona Discs, Mirka Abrasives,Lagler Belts & Lagler Discs, and many other floor sanding abrasives.

We stock & supply floor sanding belts, several types of floor sanding discs including edger discs, trio discs, screenback discs, orbital sanding pads, and FEIN & Flex industrial power tools - making BND Abrasives a complete, one-stop-shop for all industrial-grade floor sanding supplies!

Why using better abrasives can save you money

Saving money on the cost of abrasives is very important, but not the way most people think it should be. Using cheaper sanding belts may save you a few pounds but if it will take you longer to sand your floors, then it is costing you more of your time - which is the most valuable and expensive cost in business - labour. If you can get your job done quicker - you'd be able to save a lot of time and money.

Read more on our blog about Why Better Abrasives Can Save You Money for your business.

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Why buy from BND Abrasives

Established in 1976, BND Abrasives is a UK Abrasive Belt and Disc Converter - we make abrasives from jumbo raw materials and convert it into sanding belts and discs to fit any sanding machine in the market.

BND was the company that introduced an amazing array of top-of-the line abrasives for professional flooring contractors in the UK including 3M Cubitron II Belts and Discs, Norton Red Heat Discs and Norton SG (R929) & Red-X (R976) Belts, Awuko Zirconia Belts and Cloth-backed Discs.

Competitive prices for end-users and special prices also available for resellers and UK floor sanding distributors. We deliver to UK & Ireland, Europe and worldwide. No minimum order value and free delivery for orders over £85 net.

BND Abrasives - Trusted by the Major Brands

Established in 1976, BND Abrasives Ltd is backed by the most trusted brands in the industry worldwide - 3M Abrasives (USA), Norton (USA), Sia (Switzerland) & Awuko Abrasives (Germany). All our belts are made in our 12,000 sq ft factory located in Andover, Hampshire.

BND Abrasives - Specialist

The Zirconia is an aggressive product for hardwood but will not work as efficiently on granwood flooring - BND can help! We have decent knowledge on most of the tools used in floor sanding and will be able to give free expert advice on what products out there are available that could improve your work and save you time and money!

BND Abrasives - Massive Stock

Most common size belts are kept in stock but any belt we offer can be made within 48 hours! The sanding discs we offer for flooring are either made in our factory or purchased in bulk from our manufacturers, meaning prices are very competitive - making BND a one-stop-shop for your abrasive consumables.

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