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Why use Dynabrade Tools?
Dynabrade - Cuts down work time
Dynabrade & BND can help you cut down your work time


Rahter than just supplying you an equivalent to the tool you currently use, we will assist you in improving your applications by looking at the overall process. This will give us an insight on which tools to suggest and cut down the steps in order to get to your finish, saving you money!

Dynabrade - Achieve more consistent finishes
Improve finish consistency = less work rejects


Getting a consistent finish on mass production can be difficult when using cheaper tools. Dynabrade tools can help improve dust extraction (available on most models) which in return, will improve the finish on your work = lesser rejects = more savings!

Speak to a BND member for a free technical advice today!

Dynabrade - Lesser vibration levels, lesser noise, better dust extraction
Robust and reliable tools for life


All portable Dynabrade pneumatic tools come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY - which will give you peace of mind that you have one of the most reliable tools available for industrial purposes. 

Dynabrade - Achieve more consistent finishes
Lower vibration & noise levels, reduce operator fatigue.

Lowering your vibration & noise levels will reduce operator fatigue and improve work performance! Speak to BND about which Dynabrade tools are available to make improvements on your operators' health & safety!

Dynabrade Tools
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About Dynabrade Europe S.a.r.l.
Dynabrade Europe S.a.r.l.

Established in 1989, Dynabrade Europe is the Luxembourg-based office for Europe, Middle East and Africa providing Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Warehousing and Repair services for the Dynabrade product range.

Dynabrade has earned a reputation and position of continued leadership in the innovative design and manufacturing of unique portable abrasive power tools since 1969. Dynabrade designs tools for a wide range of technical applications such as cutting, grinding, sanding, polishing, deburring and filing. Our tools are used in the Automotive Aftermarket, AOEM, Aerospace, Industrial and Marine markets for quality finishing of various materials such as metal, wood, plastic, rubber, stone, glass, fibreglass and composites.

Thanks to continuous research and development, Dynabrade produces the most reliable, long-lasting and ergonomic tools on the market that are available through professional distribution networks worldwide. Dynabrade ensures that all tools comply to or even exceed the requirements of Health & Safety regulations. Together with our customers, we define the best solutions for their production processes, achieving perfect results and improving productivity.

BND Abrasives & Tapes Ltd - an Authorised Dynabrade UK Distributor & Stockist

BND Abrasives & Tapes Ltd is an Authorised Dynabrade Distributor for UK customers. Our partnership with Dynabrade allows us to keep stock of certain Dynabrade Tools and Spares (inculding Dynafile Contact Arms) in our UK warehouse, available for Next Day Delivery. Free UK Mainland delivery on all orders over £85 net. Special prices available for buying 3+ tools and very competitive pricing for available for all resellers.