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Sanding & Grinding Discs

Sanding & Grinding Discs

We supply a range of sanding discs and grinding discs for all applications, from general woodworking & metalworking to Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP), automotive paint refinishing and rectification, and stone & marble refinishing.

Our collection of sanding and grinding discs includes orbital discs, platen discs, edging discs, flap discs, cut off discs, slitting discs and quick release discs. We also supply accessories; such as backing pads, air and electric tools and cleaning components. 

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Not sure on what abrasive you need?

Hook & loop Velcro discs

Hook & loop sanding discs are suitable for use on a number of materials including wood, metal, plastic and fibreglass. Unlike traditional screw-fixed sanding discs, hook & loop Velcro discs are quickly and easily replaced, and as a result, have become the popular choice among professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike

BND Abrasives stock a range of industrial-grade hook & loop Velcro discs, with or without dust extraction holes, available in diameters of 75mm, 90mm, 115mm, 125mm and 150mm.

Fibre-backed sanding discs 

Fibre-backed sanding discs are exclusively for use on angle grinder backing pads.

We supply fibre-backed sanding discs in a variety of materials including aluminium oxide for general metalworking and light weld removal; zirconia fibre-backed discs for use on stainless steel; ceramic fibre-backed discs for heavy duty applications, and silicon carbide for use on stone and glass.

BND Abrasives are proud suppliers of a number of branded abrasives including Klingspor, SIA and 3M™ Cubitron II fibre-backed sanding discs.

Plain & Self adhesive platen discs

Used in static and bench-top sanders, platen discs are adhered onto upright platen plates and are used to create a fine, smooth finish where the workpiece can be offered to the disc

We can manufacture platen discs to a variety of sizes, with either self-adhesive (PSA) or plain backed for those who prefer to use their own adhesive. Our custom platen discs can be manufactured in both all cloth & paper backed materials we have on site, including Aluminium Oxide, Zirconia, Ceramics & Silicon Carbide.

Quick change Roloc discs

BND Abrasives are proud suppliers of 3M™ quick-change Roloc discs. The innovative, built-in quick release system allows the operator to quickly change abrasives with a single twist-on, twist-off motion.

The Roloc discs are suitable for use on a number of materials and are available to buy in zirconia and aluminium oxide, as well as ceramic for more aggressive applications. We also supply the Cubitron II Roloc Disc Durable edge for longer, faster grinding.

Abrasive Flap Discs

Often used in the application of ferrous metals such as stainless steel and mild steel, abrasive flap discs are designed specifically for use on angle grinders, and are commonly used in high stock removal applications.

Abrasive flap discs offer flexibility and versatility, as well as cooler cutting and reduced scratching.

At BND Abrasives, our extensive range of abrasive flap discs are available in zirconia and Cubitron II, and are available in a number of sizes from 100mm – 180mm.

Floor Sanding discs

We stock a number of branded floor sanding discs from popular brands including 3M™ Abrasives, Awuko Abrasives and Norton; BND Abrasives are the UK’s first and only authorised distributor of Norton Abrasives Red Heat Discs and Norton Sand Dollar products. We offer discs size to cover almost all major disc floor sanding machines, including Bona Flexisand, Lagler Flip, Lagler Edger, Lagler Trio, Pallman Spider, Clarke 3DS & 16” & 17” buffing machines.

We also offer an affordable range of fully compatible paper sanding discs (available in sizes 90mm to 150mm) for a number of big brand flooring hand sanders including Bosch, Makita, Festool and many more.

Cutting and grinding discs

Cubitron II grinding discs, Aluminium Oxide slitting discs, INOX cutting-off discs from BND Abrasives.

BND Abrasives offer an extensive selection of high-quality cutting-off, and slitting & grinding discs. Available in a number of sizes from 100mm to 230mm, we supply cutting-off discs and slitting and grinding discs from 3M™, Klingspor and Norton.

Suitable for use on both large, fixed appliances and portable tools, our durable cutting and grinding discs provide quality results on all metals, plastics and stone.