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Norton Q955 Red Heat Net Abrasive Mesh Screen Disc 407mm - Pack of 10 - for 16 inch Floor Buffing Machines

Norton Q955 Red Heat Net Abrasive Mesh Screen Disc 407mm - Pack of 10 - for 16 inch Floor Buffing Machines

  • 100% patented SG (Seeded Gel) ceramic grain with excellent cutting ability on A/O or ceramic finishes; unmatched cut rate and product life with optimum resistance to wear with razor abrasive sharp micro-fracturing capabilities that prevent premature dulling or wearing, and ideal for harder wood species and large jobs where saving time means saving money
  • Full phenolic resin bond and patent pending color technology; heat and chip resistant eliminates risk of color transfer with stabilizer assured product color consistency
  • Heavy X-weight polyester backing is extremely flexible and shock absorbent for extreme conditions; atmospherically stable with little or no effect from moisture or heat
  • Anti-Stat Dustless Polyester backing improves dust extraction; eliminates dust collection on equipment
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Crafted with a 100-percent ceramic alumina-grain abrasive on a screen back, Red Heat Q955 CA medium grit screen floor sanding discs deliver an unsurpassed combination of longevity and and cut consistency. The best choice for medium grit sanding jobs, these discs last two to three times as long as silicon carbide discs and deliver finer scratch patterns with minimal swirl marks while eliminating risk of wood burnishing. The ultra-tough, F-weight screen backing is ultra-flexible and shock-absorbent for versatility during challenging conditions.
  • Abrasive : Ceramic Alumina
  • Attachment : Center Mount
  • Backing Material : Screen
  • Abrasive Type : Coated



Are Norton Red Heat Screens designed to be used between coats of finish?
Yes, Norton Red Heat Screens cut faster than conventional silicon carbide but they don’t cut deeper. So you can use the same grit size and move the buffer a little faster based on your feel for the floor because of the Norton Red Heat Screens’ speed of cut – which gets the job done quicker.

Can Norton Red Heat Screens be used to scratch a pre-finished floor to prepare for re coating?
Norton Red Heat Screens will put a sufficient scratch into the pre-finished flooring but we do not endorse the procedure. The issue is the inconsistency of the floor itself as high spots in the floor tend to get over sanded and the low spots are not sanded enough so the floor is not properly prepped for the next coat of finish.

Are Norton Red Heat Screens worth the added cost in comparison to silicon carbide?
Yes, silicon carbide screens are able to sand 350 – 400 square feet depending on the wood or finish type. The Norton Red Heat screens are able to sand up to 3,000 square feet depending on the wood/finish. We confirmed this during a job at Disney’s Wide World of Sports where we sanded 18,000 square feet with only 6 Norton Red Heat screen discs.

What makes Norton Red Heat Screens last so much longer?
Longer life is attributed to many factors. First, the sharpness of the grain cuts the wood easier so it doesn’t have to work as hard allowing it to last longer. Second, the ceramic grain micro-fractures as it breaks down preserving the majority of the grain for a longer period of time. Silicon carbide macro-fractures in big chunks allowing it to only fracture 3 – 5 times versus the ceramic grain that can break down dozens of times. The third reason is the symmetrical shape of the grain which assures that a sharp point is always sticking out. This differs from silicon carbide which is a long, spindly shaped grain that can sometimes lay flat on the mesh backing.

Is the ceramic grain dissipating the heat or is the heat not a factor with low speed buffers?
The Norton Red Heat Screens will cut faster and use less power to do the same work, but because the buffer moves at such a slow rotational speed there is not a great deal of heat generated.

Why do Norton Red Heat Screens perform better on harder species of wood?
The ceramic grain works better when sanding harder surfaces such as Brazilian Walnut or Cherry and Hickory because it always has a sharp edge so it cuts the harder material easier. Norton Red Heat Screen also excels on soft woods since the open mesh allows material to pass through rather than loading on the surface.

How can the scratch pattern be finer when the grit size is the same as other screens?
The scratch pattern is determined by the shape of the grain. Since silicon carbide is a long, spindly shaped grain it can impress a much deeper scratch pattern if sticking straight out from the backing of the abrasive. The symmetrical shape of the Norton SG ceramic grain cuts very fast due to its sharpness, but it doesn’t cut very deep because the grain itself doesn’t penetrate as deep. It also takes less power to cut using ceramic grain because it doesn’t have as much friction.

More Information
Type of Product Floor Sanding Discs
Product Name Norton Q955 Red Heat Net Abrasive Mesh Screen Disc 407mm - Pack of 10 - for 16 inch Floor Buffing Machines
Fixing Type Hook-Face / Velcro / Grip
Series Q955
Manufacturer Norton
Manufacturer's SKU N/A
Pack Quantity 10
Mineral Type Ceramic (Red Heat)
Backing Material Net Backing
Diameter 407mm (16in)
Extraction Hole Pattern No
Grit No
Equipment Tool Rotary Floor Sanding Machine
Materials Used On Hardwood (Oak, Walnut, Maple, Cherry), Softwood (Pine, Beech, MDF)
Commodity Code N/A
Manufacturer's Stock Number N/A
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