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Knife Grinding & Making Belts

Knife Grinding Belts

High quality UK supplier of knife grinding belts

BND Abrasives recognise the importance of quality in all things knife making and have a commitment to only stock the best quality knife grinding belts for superior results. 

Most of our knife makers use a high-quality ceramic belt to bevel the knife with a P36 or P40 (we suggest theAwuko GU65Y Ceramicor3M 784F Cubitron II). Use a P60 and P120 to clean the previous operations then use an Aluminium Oxide Belt or3M Trizact (237AA or 337DC)for the polishing operations. 

For grain finishing, most knife makers would finish on an A45 or A30 grade. Mirror finishing can be achieved using Trizact which is available up to A6 (P2500 P-grade equivalent).

The smoother finish achieved by 3m’s microreplication technology is what makes these bands so ideal for polishing any knife to a razor-sharp sheen. For further information, please visit our  KNIFE GRINDING BELTS  page.

BND can make any size of sanding belt you might require and deliver bespoke products for whatever project you might be undertaking. Use our  belt builder to mix and match specific components or sizes and we will put your order together in our UK factory. Contact us on our live web chat or call us on 01264 354133. 

If you’re unsure of what you need or can’t find what you’re looking for, use our live chat feature to speak to a BND Abrasives expert or call us today on 01264 354133.


Knife Grinding Belts

Knife Grinding Belts

Knife Grinding Belts

Knife Grinding Belts

Abrasive Technologies for Knife Making

3M Trizact Belts
3M 784F Cubitron II
Norton Rapid Prep XF
Indasa Rhynowet Redline Waterproof Sheets
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BND Abrasives offer a wide range of products for knife making including industrial cutting-off wheels, polishing mops & compounds, flap discs & fibre discs, protective clothing (gloves, masks, ear protection), and many other items to assist you in crafting your masterpiece! Speak to a BND Expert via our live webchat below or through our Contact Form.

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