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Knife Grinding and Knife Polishing Belts

Knife Grinding Belts


Excellent selection of knife grinding belts from BND Abrasives. We make, stock and supply belts in the most common sizes including but not limited to 1x30, 2x48, 2x72, 2x78 2x30, and plenty of other sizes.

If your belt grinder size is not listed here, you can get an instant quote on your belts using ourBELT BUILDER.

Abrasive Technologies for Knife Making

3M Trizact Belts
3M 784F Cubitron II
Norton Rapid Prep XF
Indasa Rhynowet Redline Waterproof Sheets
Other products for Knife Making

BND Abrasives offer a wide range of products for knife making including industrial cutting-off wheels, polishing mops & compounds, flap discs & fibre discs, protective clothing (gloves, masks, ear protection), and many other items to assist you in crafting your masterpiece! Speak to a BND Expert via our live webchat below or through our Contact Form.

Other Knife Making Supplies