Floor Sanding - Why Using Better Abrasives Can Save You Money

Floor Sanding - Why Using Better Abrasives Can Save You Money

We do get a lot of customers who pay very cheap prices for abrasives on floor sanding and wonder - would there be a point on spending more money on better, industrial products? The short answer is yes.

Now, for the long answer...

Better abrasive belts / discs will cut faster

Our customers buy from us because industrial brands such as Norton, Awuko & SAIT Abrasives have proven that they can outlast the competition. They may cost a bit more than your cheaper flooring abrasive but having a better quality abrasive will enable you to get your job done faster - therefore saving you money both short and long term! BND Abrasives have P24 available on Zirconia ZT62X/ZU62SY and also P16 and P12 monster grits on ST10X Silicon Carbide for absurdly stubborn coatings/floors.

Better abrasives will last longer

Cheaper abrasive products tend to dull quicker (like ALuminium Oxide and even cheap quality Zirconia), therefore, customers end up buying more belts/discs. More materials to use means more belt / disc changes = downtime. Dowtime = more money spent. Investing on better abrasives will have lesser downtime and will save you a lot of time. Customer who currently use the Norton R976 can sand more floors with one belt than a standard Zirconia Belt from competitor products. If you want a more cost effective solution, our Awuko ZT62X and ZU62SY from Germany has more Zirconia content than other brands, therefore lasts longer.

Better abrasives will leave lesser swirl marks

Our floor sanding friends from the US swear by the fact that by switching to better quality branded abrasives for floor sanding have given them lesser work ongoingly since they produce lesser swirl marks, meaning lesser cleaning up to do in the pre-polishing process.

Speak to one of our BND Sales Team (via our live webchat or through our Contact Form) who'll happy to give you advice on what our floor sanding customers use to assist you improve your floor sanding proecss. We have specific abrasive materials converted on belts and discs, available for all types of flooring, including but not limited to hardwood flooring, pine floors, sports/gym flooring, granwood flooring, waxed surfaces, and many more!